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Heating tapes

The heating cables (tapes) are mainly used for frost protection, they protect from temperature drops, or serve to maintain the temperature of the working environment. We offer the following types of heating tapes:

  • The self-limiting parallel heating wires have no resistive heating elements, but graphite-doped plastics that have been suitably processed to react to the ambient temperature by varying their resistance with change of temperature. This is due to avoiding the problem of overheating when the heating tapes are in contact with each other.
  • The parallel heating wires are energized in parallel, which leads to the creation of heating zones with constant power due to which, in the event of damage, only one zone stops working, and the other heating zones continue to heat. Thanks to this feature, this type of heating tape is very functional and can be used in a wide range.
  • The resistive heating wires generate heat during the running current across the resistance element. Heat is produced on the principle of replacing electrical energy by thermal one.

The most common application of heating tapes is to provide the correct temperature for the liquid or the material inside the pipes. Thanks to the tapes, there is no influence on external conditions, which ensures free flow inside pipes and tanks. If the appropriate conditions are met, these heating systems can be also located inside pipes and pipelines. The products of this type are used in many industries, for example: chemical, petrochemical, agricultural and food and paper industries, construction, automotive, transport, refrigeration and others branches. These systems can also be used in very complex industrial equipment, as well as in areas with a high explosion hazard (Ex). The advantage of heating cables is their long service life, reliability of operation, quick and easy installation, the possibility to cut any length, no need for periodic maintenance and low operating costs.


Self-limiting ones
TTM to 65ºCP= 11÷17 W/m, PVC/ Teflon outer coating
TTR to 85ºCP= 10÷33 W/m, Ex certificate, PVC/ Teflon outer coating
TTS to 200ºCP= 10÷60 W/m, Ex certificate, copper screen to order, Teflon outer coating
TTX to 240ºCP= 16÷98 W/m, Ex certificate, Teflon outer coating
TTRTS to 120ºCP= 60 W/m, outer PVC coating
TTGHL to 85ºCP= 27 W/m, outer PVC coating
TTWH to 80ºCP= 33 W/m, outer PVC coating
FSG to 85ºCP= 10÷30 W/m, galvanized copper screen to order, outer PVC coating
FST to 85ºCP= 10÷40 W/m, Ex certificate, galvanized copper screen to order, outer coating in PVC, Teflon
FSV to 135ºCP= 15÷60 W/m, Ex certificate, copper screen to order, in stainless steel, Teflon outer coating
FSX to 200ºCP= 15÷55 W/m, Ex certificate, copper screen to order, in stainless steel, Teflon outer coating
Parallel ones
TTCM to 225ºCP= 10÷40 W/m, galvanized copper coating with PVC outer coating
FTSH to 200ºCP= 20÷40 W/m, copper screen to order, in stainless steel, Teflon outer coating
FTTH to 200ºCP= 20÷40 W/m, copper screen to order, in stainless steel, additional silicone coating, Teflon outer coating
FTC 30 to 105ºCP= 30 W/m, elastomeric insulation, PVC outer coating
FTSO to 200ºCP=25÷50, galvanized copper screen to order
Resistive ones
KYCY to 80ºCP= 7÷25 W/m
C1S to 200ºCP= 30 W/m, copper screen to order