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Ceramic infrared generators

The ceramic infrared elements are made of high-quality ceramics or glass ceramics. The coils of heaters are mounted in the houses. In this case, the effect is used, according to which the heated ceramics emits infrared waves, which directly heat objects without affecting the air. Depending on the power, a wavelength of 2 to 10 µm is emitted.


In the plastics industries: in injection molding machines, vacuum forming machines, in epoxy adhesive drying systems, etc.

In medical equipment: in massage rooms, dental treatment equipment, infrared heating cabins (bathing establishments).

In the food industry: in systems for heating chocolate coatings, systems for heating confectionery containers, etc.

In industry: drying latex, hot enameling of sheet metal, drying ceramic tiles, in paper machines, in manufacture of printed circuit boards, glass making equipment, accelerating chemical reactions, wallpaper making, drying fabrics, etc.

This list can be continued further. This follows from the fact that heating or drying that is based on infrared energy is required in almost all types of manufacturing processes. Elstein has been designing and supplying infrared heaters for over 50 years, being the world leader in product range and quality.