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About us

«Ingredient Ukraine» LLC was founded in 2005 on the basis of the «Mars» Corporation, which unites several large enterprises, such as NPO «Kvant» (Kiev), SSTC «Microtechnology» and others, working in the defense industry.

The objective of “Ingredient Ukraine” LLC is to introduce the developments of employees of the company’s enterprises. The main lines of activity are: microwave equipment, microwave antennas and antenna shelters.

Since 2006, “Ingredient Ukraine”, LLC, together with the State Scientific Institution “Scientific-Technological Complex “Institute for Single Crystals of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”, has been working on the development of new promising microwave technologies for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Since 2009, “Ingredient Ukraine”, LLC, is a member society of the Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics. Together with the Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics, the National University «Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics», «U-Avia» LLC and the «Mars» Corporation, the company takes part in the development of an unmanned aerial vehicle for the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Border Troops of Ukraine and NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”.

Since December 2009, we have launched manufacture of a new series of “Hot Stream” microwave units. They are distinguished by a higher microwave-thermal energy conversion factor. The first unit designed for defrosting meat products with capacity of 250 kg per hour was put into operation on 10.12.2009. To date, there were manufactured a number of the units for drying food and non-food products.

Since 2013, the company has also been developing and manufacturing drying equipment based on infrared heaters, as well as combined units using microwave and infrared radiation.

Since 2016, we have started manufacture of sterilization equipment using microwaves and ozone.

We carry out works on retrofitting, automation and repair of existing equipment.